Walt Disney once said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." Sometimes you just need a little help! 
Celebrations        Fundraisers        Themed Parties
Milestones           Holidays              Business Functions             
Team Events        Event Decor        Event Photography

From brainstorming to clean-up, the team at Crafted Ventures works with you to make your event a smashing, stress-free success. Our services are available as a package, or à la carte!
  1. Coordinate
    Together, we'll determine how to best survive the day of your event. We want you to enjoy it as much as your guests, if not more. And get all of the credit.
  2. Plan
    Establish the objective, timeline, and budget for your ideal event. Answer a few simple questions and we're off and running - event plan in hand.
  3. Design
    Through branding, decor, and collateral, this is where your event comes to life. Simple to over the top, this is kind of our favorite part.
  4. Document
    Don't spend your entire well-planned party behind the camera. We've got affordable options for documenting the fabulous time everyone had!