Wine Tasting Fundraisers/Parties

Raise a glass for good and take your fundraising to a unique level!

We are now a distributor for ONEHOPE - a line of exceptional wine, food, and gifts that truly gives back. ​​​Our ONEHOPE wine tastings are simple:

      1.  You select a date and invite friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family to taste                                         exquisite and award-winning wine direct from Napa Valley.

      2.  We help you with snacks, set-up, orders, and clean-up.

      3.  10% of qualified orders go to your 501(c)(3) charity of choice. Plus, you get a                                             generous discount for hosting.

Mix and mingle while you make an impact!

Or - if you just want to "try before you buy" our amazing wine, we can do straight tastings without the fundraising feature.

Visit our online Shop , head over to our Contact page or call to book a tasting.

Also ask us about special pricing and personalization for weddings, large events, and corporate gifts!


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